Skype for Linux: Finally, with video

About time, Skype guys! We’ve only been waiting for ages for the Linux client to catch up to the Mac and Windows versions to get video.

I have this feeling that it’s been brought on my the new Nokia N810 internet tablet to be released shortly this month. The N800 (which I have) does include Skype, but sans video. I think that video support was something that the Nokia guys would have been pushing for with the N810. I’m really looking forward to using Skype with Video on the N800 once the new version of the Internet Tablet OS is released.

Unfortunately, Skype’s video doesn’t work on my MacBook Pro presumably due to ATI’s shithouse proprietary driver. Even with the newest 8.42.3 driver (which was supposed to be some massive improvement) they are still crap.

Note to ATI: I’m never, ever buying ANYTHING that contains one of your GPU’s. Ever.

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Matt’s bucks day


Last weekend, we went paintballing at Hot Shots in Anakie to celebrate the fact that someone is crazy enough to want to marry him 🙂 hehe

Playing in Anakie was great because of the bush setting, and I would recommend looking the Hot Shots guys up if you wanted to do paintballing. As you can see from the photo, Matt got the pretty pink overalls, including a target painted on the back.

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Geelong: AFL Premiers 2007


Incredible game, Geelong annihilating Port Adelaide by 119 points. I believe it’s the largest winning margin in the history of the AFL/VFL.

It was probably the best game I have ever seen these boys play. Let’s make it back-to-back next season.


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Blue and White fever

After a close (too close..) win over Collingwood, Geelong have advanced into the Grand Final. As you can see, I managed to score some tickets from the random ballot for Geelong members.

I took a trip down to the Cattery (Geelong) and it’s really exciting to see the all the blue and white everywhere. Plenty of people wearing their guernseys, scarves and jackets around town. I’m glad to see now that the ‘lid’ is off, and everyone is getting into the spirit of things.

Through the Chinese whispers, I managed to hear that Kingy’s got a place in the AFL side, after his good performance in Geelong’s VFL premiership yesterday. I think he’s really put in hard after his injury, and although Blake has been very good, I think it’s Kingy’s time.

Go the Catters!

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Carlton Draught, now with Geek questions


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My new shiny toy: the Nokia n800


I splashed out a bit, and bought myself a new toy. It’s the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, running Linux.

I’m still getting used to it, but it seems quite good so far. More to come..

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NZ Extreme Tour photos now online

I finally got all the photos together from me, Stretch, Jay and Eric. I’ve uploaded them into Google’s Picasa.

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Extreme Tour, NZ

Started our NZ holiday on Saturday morning, leaving from Melbourne at 6:40am. We landed in Queenstown, NZ at about 11:30am and started to check the place out.

Andy, Jay, Laurelle, Ewan and Stretch in Queenstown. The Remarkables behind.

First stop was some lunch at Fergburger. Some very nice gormet-style burgers, and later checking into our hostel accommodation and visiting some local establishments for some refreshments.

Catching up with Sam at the pub.

I even managed to catch the end of the Geelong v Richmond game. Well done to Blakey for kicking his first 2 goals in AFL, and smashing Richmond to extend their winning streak to 13 games.

We then took the Gondola up the mountain and hit some luge. Total carnage.

The Exteme Team, preparing for some Luge action.

Skiing at Coronet Peak was also carnage, as I am probably the weakest Skier out of the bunch. Let me tell you, I ate some serious snow.

Andy at Sam’s place, with some sexy Ski pants.

We just got back from the Shotover Jet Boat ride. Very high speed jet boat through a little river. Very extreme.

Stay tuned for updates, and more photos.

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Geelong (def) v Collingwood at the MCG

Geelong, now 10 straight wins this season after defeating Collingwood at the MCG by 16 points, in front of a crowd of over 85,000 people.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to an AFL game this huge before. It was a great experience, even if we did sit in the nose-bleed section.


I don’t know how I managed to snap this photo. I was just taking a photo of the ground, when the flag was suddenly waved. Worked out quite well.


Absolute pandemonium at Jolimont station after the game. Bek and I decided that it would be a better idea to miss the crowds and go eat some indian food at twofatindians.

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No smoking in pubs is awesome

Note to self: Don’t blog while drunk. It doesn’t make sense 🙂

Went out on Friday night to catch up with Shane. It was the first time i’d been out since they brought in the new anti-smoking laws, and it was awesome. It’s also funny seeing the smokers huddling outside in the cold, freezing their asses off. Maybe thats a little nasty.. i’m not sure, but I sure enjoy it.

We started off at Pugg Mahones on Hardware St, where I met Shane and some of his mates from his last job. Then a couple of us walked across the road to La La Lounge, where we enjoyed some expensive but fantastic Asahi’s.

We sat in the couches next to some Asian guys, who got us involved in the game they were playing. It was a mixture of paper, scissors, rock with dares, but he dares were so lame, but still funny.

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