– Day Two

I dragged myself out of bed at about 8am this morning. Needed to get there early for the GNOME miniconf. It was really awesome to actually put faces to the blogs of some of these GNOME guys, that I have been reading so much about on Planet GNOME.

Luis Villa started the morning off by talking about the issues of making a GNOME live-cd based on Ubuntu Linux, and what would happen if the Ubuntu guys suddenly started changing stuff, for example, stop packaging some of the top GNOME apps. We had a quick demo of the wobbly windows thing and then Robert Love stepped up and gave a bit of a demo on Beagle and F-Spot. These are two very awesome apps.

Beagle is for GNOME what Spotlight is for Mac. It also helps that the guy who wrote the indexing engine for Spotlight has now written the engine for Beagle. It allows you to search through anything on your machine, including emails, address book, IM’s, Blogs (using Liferea), files and heaps of other stuff. I think it’s still a bit rough, but it has a lot of potential. Also I think that beagle will become the new backend for Nat Friedman’s Dashboard.

F-Spot is another mono app (like Beagle), but is an all-in-one photo importing and cataloging system. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet, but from what Robert Love was showing off, it looks pretty sweet.

Me, Timmy, Tuddy and Josh took the arvo off, had some lunch and played pool here at Burgmann College (where we are staying). Later, we went into the City (which is soooo dead) and had some Kebabs. Very unsatisfying. Don’t ever eat at one of the Ali Baba stores, you’ll be disappointed!

I’m going to take it easy tonight and maybe get to bed a little earlier tonight and go to the PHP presentation tomorrow morning.

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  1. Shane says:

    How was the wobbly windows demo? Same as the videos?

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