– Day Three and Four

The actual conference started on Wednesday, with the tutorials. The four of us (Me, Timmy, Tuddy, and Josh) went to the PHP session. Timmy and I stayed for the first bit, but left soon after. It was kinda dry, and Rasmus was talking lots about the differences in PHP5 compared to PHP4. Looks like they have implemented a heap of Java-style OO stuff.

In the afternoon, Timmy and I went to Building User Interfaces with Video and 3D Graphics For Fun and Profit!. It was run by Wayne Piekarski, who is a research guy from Uni SA, and was playing a lot with augmented reality, and overlaying 3D video over normal video to create an half-virtual world. He is using lots cool stuff, but I haven’t got the energy to write about it all. Have a look at Timmy’s blog for that 🙂

That night, the four of us cooked a BBQ dinner which ROCKED!

Timmy and Andy at the BBQ
Sausage sizzle my nizzle!

Today (Thursday) we heard an awesome presenation by Tridge. He was basically talking about the software engineering practices that he’s using in Samba, which include: code generation, static error checking, runtime error checking and other stuff. He mentioned at two things which changed the way that he codes are Valgrind and talloc.

Next we had Tracking 2.6: what the kernel developers are up to by Jonathan Corbet, who writes for Linux Weekly News. He talked about what has been going on the 2.6 kernel, and about how Linus is not doing the whole odd number kernel revision number for unstable/testing kernels. Apparently, there has been a shift from using a devel kernel series for implementing new kernel changes to putting them straight in the 2.6 series, mainly to get more mainstream users testing the new features.

Also, I forgot to put this on my last post, but we got the place in North Melboune that we applied for! Fo shizzle my nizzle!

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