I scored a UPS!

I scored myself an APC Backup-UPS RS 500 the other day. It’s a small unit designed for running pretty much one machine on it.

APC Backup-UPS RS 500

The nice thing about this is that it has a USB interface which I have connected to my server hosting andybotting.com, and allows me to monitor it using apcupsd software. It even comes with some basic CGI scripts so I can monitor it online. If there is a power-out, then the UPS alerts the apcupsd, and at a certain point, can instruct the server to gracefully shut down.

Although, my ADSL modem isn’t plugged into it yet because it uses different plugs. I need to find some way of converting the IEC power socket to something I can plug my Australian power plug into. One possible solution might be a standard 4-port powerboard, but with an IEC plug on the end. I can’t say I’ve actually seen one though.

Posted in Geek, Gentoo, Linux by Andy Botting at November 19th, 2005.

3 Responses to “I scored a UPS!”

  1. Shane says:

    If another server was pinging via the internet, then that server could email/sms you. Or if it had asterisk maybe it could call your mobile?!!

  2. Andy says:

    Hmmm, i like that idea. It could also sms me if things like Apache went down or something similar. Maybe it would be easier to just put my ADSL modem on the UPS too and just have it send the sms.

  3. justin says:

    Just get a female iec plug from dse and cut the end off an extension lead, or as you suggested a power board. Worked for me at work.

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