Gnome 2.12

I haven’t blogged in about three weeks, which is pretty slack. The major thing to happen within that time is that I have moved to another group at work. I’m now working at the Big-T Innovation Centre, down at Docklands. Coolest place i’ve ever worked 🙂

What this post is really about is GNOME 2.12. Davyd Madeley has created a summary of all the new stuff in GNOME 2.12 here.

From just reading this stuff, it reminds me how much GNOME rocks! I’m really glad that they seem to be switching to the new ClearLooks theme too. It’s a very snappy looking theme.

I have found blogs of two seperate people making ebuilds for it. Albert Hopkins and Raphaël Slinckx. It looks like Raphaël’s are much more complete.. but I think I might wait until it hits hardmasked in portage.

Posted in Geek, Work by Andy Botting at August 2nd, 2005.

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