Today, I ate a sandwich

I had an amazing sandwich experience today.

It was about the only good thing to happen today. Damn Solaris 9 was giving me the shits. While trying to install it, I booted off the CD, and it just stopped at the point “Searching for upgradable Solaris root device…” and just stopped. For an HOUR! In the end, I booted off the hard disk, and gave it a rm -fr /. That fixed it real good. Didn’t give me any trouble after that 🙂

Here’s some photos of Julz, Davo and me:

I found out today that my phone can take photos at 1280×960. I was suitably impressed, although the images still look a bit washed out. I had a play with videos too. They’re encoded in some 3gp format, which xine and mplayer can only half decode at the moment. Video works fine, but there is no codec for the audio yet. Realplayer/Helix player plays them fine, and apparently quicktime can do it too.

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Back to the grind

So, unfortunate for me, I had to join reality. On Monday, I spent the morning in bed (my own bed) which was great, but spent the afternoon cleaning all the windows for our inspection on Tuesday. All is well, and things are slowly moving along with the new place. Bek and I caught the tram up to the real estate agents to sign the papers, and realised that they want the rent monthly!. What a pain in the ass! This also means that we have to not only fork out a heap of cash in bond, but also the same amount for one month of rent in advance!

Work has been good, and today has been really busy. It’s good because the days zip by a lot quicker. Also, it looks like the wiki I set up for our group documents is starting to take off. I added a plugin to TWiki which generates PDF’s of the current page so you can email them to your un-wiki’d buddies. Pretty neat little trick.

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Beginning of a new era?

So i’ve decided to make a fresh start with this whole blog thing after installing the awesome WordPress. I’ve been busy playing with some css and themes, and finally decided on the flex theme. I’ve modified it quite a bit and also ported it to theme my new wiki powered by MediaWiki.

So for those folks who I haven’t caught up with recently, here’s a quick run down of what’s been happening with me for the last couple of months:

I started work at ‘The Big T’ about two months ago now, and things are going pretty well. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was going to be like, but it certainly is very different every other job (all of about 2) that I’ve had. There is a huge push for thing like OH&S which is a pain in the ass. Things like workstation checklists are annoying, but you just have to do them. Something else that I am not used to is the sheer size of this place, and with that, you also get lots of levels of politics and red tape and the like, but there are also a lot of grads who started with me. From memory, there are something like 150 new grads, and then half of those are in the technology group with me. Then, about 15 of those are in my business unit (voice and mobility) and then there are Gezza and Jules on my floor. We’ve had plenty of induction days and workshops which were a good base to meet these guys, and there is always beers on Friday night! 🙂

They’ve put me on a SOE windows box which is never any fun, but I bring my laptop (with gentoo on it) and I try and use it for as much as I can at big T. The only real problem is that they use Outlook for all the email, calendar, etc. and it’s version too old to use the Ximian Connector plugin for Evolution. Bugger!

More recently, I’ve been on the hunt for somewhere to live in Melbourne. Lara has served me very well (and probably will later on) but for the moment, the hour+ long commute to the big T is becoming frustrating. Stretch, Jay, Bek and I are going to share a 3 bedroom place hopefully within walking distance to big T, but it’s hard work finding the right place. The past two saturdays, we have had about 6 places to look at, and not many of them have been up to scratch. The clock is ticking with only 3 weeks left.

On a more exciting note, is coming up really soon. It’s going to be a week full of drinking and geekery! Huzzah! More to come…

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