An update for the last couple of weeks

Haven’t blogged for a while, so he’s a quick update of what’s been going on.
At work late tonight, helping out because of a function. It was supposed to be finished at 9pm, but it’s now 10:15pm and they’re still here. Let’s bring on the tear gas and tasers 🙂

We started getting pissed off with the builders across the lane from us, so we started hassling the council about it, and maybe something’s going to get done. I moved my webcam server home, and set up two cams outside our window, so at any time, I can see what they’re doing. You can check it out at Whatever you do, don’t leave it running too long, it kills my bandwidth 🙂

My old man is going to salary sacrifice a new laptop for me. This is nice because it means that i’ll only have to pay about 52c in every dollar. I was tossing up between an IBM ThinkPad and an Apple 15″ PowerBook, but I think the PowerBook is going to be the choice. I set up a Wiki page on everything I could find about running Linux on the new hi-res (powerbook5,8 Oct 2005) model PowerBooks here. It seems that there are a couple of little issues (current kernels don’t have support for the ATA controller, AGP and the Gigabit Ethernet but can be patched), but is basically ok. I should be ordering it in 2 weeks time.

I broke the Segway at work (not sure how…) but it’s back today. They couldn’t tell me exactly what broke, but it was under warranty anyway. Looks like i’m going back to my old rotation at IP Voice next week. They’ve got plenty of work and need some more bodies, so I’m going back to help out.

Also, the fuckwits managing this company decided to Not go ahead with the graduate intake for 2006. This does mean that the grads who were promised jobs, and signed their contracts will now be sacked. The Age ran an article about it, and there is also a Whirlpool forum on the subject. If you’re wondering, Nelsie’s still got her spot for next year. Phew.

Jezza has done some terrific work on his new Melways frontend. You can now search for an address to bring up the melways map to fill your full brower window, and even switch to the corresponding Google Maps satellite image. It’s the best we’ve got until Google bring maps to Australia

… also, I found this which made me laugh.

Note to self: blog more often 🙂

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3 Responses to “An update for the last couple of weeks”

  1. tim says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, powerbook. I’m so getting a 15″ powerbook when they release the Intel versions. 12″ just doesn’t give enough res (although it is nice to have a machine so small)

  2. jezza says:

    Andy, you web cam is fantastic. I could watch those builders diggin holes all day.

    Also, the “official” site for “Gooways” is … hey that sounds good, maybe I’ll change my url to

  3. Shane says:

    I agree powerbooks are cool but I also want to wait for the mactel. But it sounds like you are getting a good deal anyway.

    The melways stuff is niiiice. It would be good if the sd/google switch worked after moving, too.

    Pitty about the grads. At least you got in 1 year earlier!

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