AFL plugins for XBMC

UPDATE: Plugins now updated and working for the 2013 season!

Whilst being in London, it’s been hard to get my AFL fix. So to keep up with what’s going on, I’ve created two new XBMC plugins: AFL Video and AFL Radio.

AFL Video

You can browse all the latest videos from the AFL web site, including match replays, interviews and highlights.

AFL Video plugin

You have a bunch of channels to choose from, including a team channel. The team channel will list the videos specific to your club.

Cats TV

Match replays are usually available 12-24 hours after the match has been played.

AFL Radio

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the games live without some sort of paid subscription – so the radio streams are the next best thing.

AFL Radio

Just choose the stream you want and away it goes. I’m not sure how stable this will be long term due to how the stream works, but so far so good.

Interestingly, most of the streams work outside of the AFL game calls, but most of the streams are only 64k WMA, so the bit rate is a little low.



You can grab the latest ZIP files from the Github project download pages for AFL Video and AFL Radio. You can then choose the ZIP files from the XBMC Addon install from Zip file menu option.

These will also be included in the AU CatchUp TV XBMC repository too.



For any issues, please file a bug at issue tracker and please include a copy of your XBMC log file.

Posted in Personal by Andy Botting at April 8th, 2012.

90 Responses to “AFL plugins for XBMC”

  1. Geep says:

    Hi Andy, excellent work. Are you able to send me a copy?


  2. Andy Botting says:

    Footy fans,

    Both the Video and Radio plugins have now been updated for the 2013 season. Sorry about the delay, but Telstra/AFL love to make things difficult.

    I believe everything should work much the same as before, but the match replays are geoblocked – so no love for those living abroad.

    Download the update via the AU CatchUp TV XBMC repository or the ZIP files from the download links at the bottom of the post.

    Go Cats 🙂

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  4. AussieOkie says:

    Great job, but no joy for us expats, how do we get around the geoblocking or is someone working on this?

  5. Andy Botting says:

    You’ll need a proxy or VPN service to Australia. I don’t know any off-hand though.

    Someone created an XBMC plugin for the AFLTV service available for international supporters, but it does require a subscription. I can get you more information if you’re interested.

  6. Matt says:

    Talk about making it difficult. All of the AFL sites 404 when trying to watch match replays. Yours is the only service I can successfully watch match replays on my laptop with (discarding ‘smart’ replay and I assume subscription services). Is this deliberate on their part or just incompetence?

    Highlights menu option fails. But everything else is great. Thanks Andy.

  7. Andy Botting says:

    Hi Matt,
    I believe this was done deliberately by the AFL/Telstra as a push for a mobile subscription service.

    Thanks for the highlights menu tip. I’ve got a fix committed now, and it’ll be available in the next update.


  8. Matt says:

    Same issue with Swans, North, Dogs and Tigers.

    Do you think they’ll nix public access to these replays eventually or is it a regulatory thing that they’re mandated to provide regardless how obfuscated?

  9. Andy Botting says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve just released v0.8 ( for your viewing pleasure.

    It fixes a few errors, mainly some club video feeds not working. I’ve also now enabled some new 2013 season video feeds. Some of the existing ones weren’t being updated in the new season.

    @Matt: I doubt the AFL are mandated to provide anything. I’m sure if they wanted to, they could remove the match replays at any time.

  10. Matt says:

    Thanks Andy! Go Bloods! Boo… Hiss.. Cats :p Hope it’s a good game this Friday!

  11. thatguy7669 says:

    hey there andy!

    thanks for a neat plugin.

    just to let you (and any other aussie expat/footy fans) know, the replays work very well with free proxies found using the “big blue G” (i’m in germany). i’m somewhat suprised to find working free proxies but there are a bunch (no video stutters/buffering what so ever).
    one feature request: would it be possible to add a “use this proxy” setting to the plugins settings menu?

    again, thanks for the great plugin.

  12. Paul says:


    Addon doesn’t appear to work. All video / options yield the following error message:

    make_list (39) – Unable to fetch match list

  13. Andy Botting says:

    Hi Paul,

    Works fine for me. Please file a ticket at
    along with your XBMC log output.


  14. Shayne says:

    Hi, the add-on hasn’t worked for me since the update to 1.0 unfortunately.
    With every match replay i attempt to play, i am presented with the message
    “No video found. Replays are only available 24-48 hours after mat….”

    any ideas?

    Go Cats!!!!

  15. Bill says:

    Hi Andy,
    Some replays are stopping part way thru.
    Eg. Carlton Essendon 1st quarter quits 45 seconds in!
    Any suggestions?
    I hate smart replay 🙁

  16. David says:

    +1 for error: “No video found. Replays are only available 24-48 hours after mat….”

  17. Travis says:

    Hi Andy, you mentioned that “Someone created an XBMC plugin for the AFLTV service available for international supporters, but it does require a subscription.”

    I can’t find anything about this anywhere – could you point me in the right direction? With ESPN about to be absorbed into BT Sport in the UK for a much larger subs fee, this would be the key feature that has me willing to shell out $25 a month for AFL TV.


  18. Kagenoshin says:


    sry for the late reply.
    The xbmc-addon Andy mentioned works for subscriptions of (although I’m not sure, if the github Version is up to date and if so if it still works (I had no time to code it resently and did not use it since April (?))
    However I would like to test it again and add some last Feature ( in a month or so)

    grz Kage

  19. Wamphyr1 says:

    Hi Andy, Thanks for fixing the AFL plugin. Can you fix the NRL one. It constantly buffers then plays for 30 seconds or so then buffers again, even on lowest quality settings. Thks again.

  20. gk says:

    wld the 2014 season auto update?

  21. Andy says:

    The latest version of the addon (v 1.3.1) works for Season 2014.

    You should install the addon using the Catch-up TV AU repository, because you’ll then get auto-updates!

  22. GD says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your great plugins.
    With the AFL video plugin. Do you have any plans of adding the ability to login for those people with subscriptions to be able to watch live, when matches are foxtel only (like Geelong this weekend)

  23. AFL xbmc says:

    […] AFL plugins for XBMC – Andy Botting  […]

  24. Cirsten Werndly says:


    Love the add-on, used it most of this 2014 season

    What I would like to know is: is there a way to record the stream? If not are planning on adding such a function if it is possible?

  25. Andy Botting says:

    Hi Cirsten,

    You can actually find the URLs for each quarter in the XBMC log file (once you start playing it), and download them yourself. This isn’t exposed through the addon interface, and it’s unlikely a feature like this will be added.


  26. cammo says:

    Hey mate,

    Is your AFL video plugin active for the 2015 season? and for NAB CUP?

  27. Andy Botting says:


    Will have to wait and see. The last few seasons have required some changes, so I’m expecting it could be the same.


  28. Gary K says:

    Hi Andy

    I am unable to get the Afl video plugin to work. Is it just me or are others having the same error of ‘script failed’ ??


  29. Luke says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am also not able to use the AFL plugin (script failed).
    Hope you can sort it.


  30. streamcatcher says:

    I run Openelec on my tv box every addon works fine except for some reason just the afl video runs at twice the speed and the commentators sound like chipmunks any solution for slowing it down?


  31. Andy Botting says:

    I’m running OpenELEC also, but haven’t seen this issue. Is it for ALL videos? E.g. match replays and club video? What sort of box are you running it on?

  32. kostaman says:

    Exactly the same issue with AFL on my box. All videos within the AFL Addon are frame skipping and chipmunk sound. Going fast speed.
    Running ARMADA MACH8 Pure linux.

  33. john says:

    Getting errer “No videos found ……” even with matches previously watched. Is there a problem with the videos?

  34. Andy Botting says:

    @john: managed to replicate the issue with v1.6.0, and I’ve just pushed a new version, v1.6.1 that should fix it

  35. john says:

    Thanks for the quick action. Working fine now. Much appreciated.

  36. Andrew says:

    Paid afl live subscription (not a free telstra one)

    Wont let me log in with or without phone number on newest update. (Was fine in previous versions)

    Thanks, never had problems in the past

  37. Paul Corliss says:

    Can not access live games comes up error or expired live pass
    I have a valid free afl live pass can you help me

  38. Ron Harrigan says:

    Like Paul Corliss , I too have two current Afl live passes , that work fine on the Samsung mobiles , but your app , comes up with expired , any ideas

  39. Andy Botting says:

    For those having issues, don’t file them on here – please visit the project page:

    There’s some info on there about how to file issues on the GitHub project page, and how to access our Slack support channel.