Adobe has issued a DMCA removal request for rtmpdump

It seems that Adobe, after issuing a press release claiming they would be opening up the RTMP protocol in the ‘first half of 2009’, have issued a DMCA take down request for an open source implementation of the protocol, RTMPdump. The SourceForge project site for RTMPdump now shows ‘Invalid Project’.

This is going to mean it’s going to become much harder to get RTMPdump for downloading copies of ABC’s iView files, which I previously posted about. This might also have interesting consequences for XBMC and Boxee which both include this code for supporting streaming media from BBC’s iPlayer.

This is pretty disappointing from Adobe, especially after claiming they would be in the process of opening up the protocol.

Posted in Personal by Andy Botting at May 23rd, 2009.

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  1. help me plz says:

    Dude, I need some help

    can u post the EXACT command you enter and output u get of RTMPdump for a current episode on iView…

    It will REALLY help me…

    thanks in advance 😀

  2. Andy Botting says:

    Are you using linux?

  3. help me plz says:

    Yes, I’m dual booting winxp/ubuntu.

    Keeps coming up with an error after everything. I’ve run version 1.4 and 1.5 on both Windows and Linux with the commands given by you and this guy ( and I keep getting the same error.

    I doubt it’s the token, echo’ing ${TOKEN} works fine.

    I’m on windows atm. I just ran it with a fresh token and this is what comes up.

    E:\rtmpdump>rtmpdump-WIN32-1.4.exe -r “rtmp://
    ack/_definst_/catch_up/around_09_01_0.flv” -u “auth=0BFD15D1E566439555A6” -t “rt
    mp://” -o test.flv
    RTMPDump v1.4
    (c) 2009 Andrej Stepanchuk, license: GPL

    DEBUG: parsing…
    DEBUG: Parsed protocol: 0
    DEBUG: Parsed host :
    DEBUG: Parsed port : 1935
    DEBUG: Parsed app : /
    DEBUG: Parsed playpath: /flash/playback/_definst_/catch_up/around_09_01_0
    DEBUG: Setting buffer time to: 36000000ms
    Connecting …
    DEBUG: Protocol: RTMP
    DEBUG: Hostname:
    DEBUG: Port : 1935
    DEBUG: Playpath: /flash/playback/_definst_/catch_up/around_09_01_0
    DEBUG: tcUrl : rtmp://
    DEBUG: app : /
    DEBUG: auth : auth=0BFD15D1E566439555A6
    DEBUG: flashVer: LNX 9,0,124,0
    DEBUG: connected, hand shake:
    DEBUG: HandShake: Type Answer : 03
    DEBUG: HandShake: Server Uptime : 754903029
    DEBUG: HandShake: FMS Version :
    DEBUG: handshaked

    Starting download at 0.000 KB
    DEBUG: GetNextMediaPacket, received: invoke 134 bytes
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: Property: NULL
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: HandleInvoke, server invoking
    ERROR: rtmp server sent error
    DEBUG: GetNextMediaPacket, received: invoke 18 bytes
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: Property:
    DEBUG: HandleInvoke, server invoking
    ERROR: rtmp server requested close
    Closing connection… done!


  4. help me plz says:

    shit thats and old episode aswell, i did the new ep of chaser and the same thing came up.

  5. help me plz says:

    dw, now finally got it working. many problems with quotation marks and all that, it may have to do with the version i had. I used ver1.5 downloaded of a torrent. The command works fine on both Windows and Ubuntu versions of rtmpDUMP (except have to manually get token on win)

    This is the command i used to download Episode 1 of Season 3 of Chaser’s War on Everything:

    TOKEN=`curl -q | grep token | sed ‘s///g’ | sed ‘s/\&/\&/g’ | sed ‘s,,,g’ | sed ‘s/ //g’`; echo ${TOKEN}; ‘/media/disk-1/rtmpdump/rtmpdump-32bit-x86-ubuntu-1.5’ -r rtmp://${TOKEN} -a ondemand?auth=${TOKEN} -y /catch_up/chaser_09_03_01 -u auth=${TOKEN} -t rtmp://${TOKEN} -o test.fl

  6. Brizzy says:

    I thought I’d take a peek at ol’ and was nixed in my tracks by a saturation of utter geek speak.

    Hows things ?

    Free for; Curry / Lunch / ? – Next weekend ?

  7. Ranga says:

    RTMPdump was apparently taken down because of the ability to watch RTMP encrypted streams.

    FLVstreamer is RTMPdump, without that ability. I fully expect XBMC and Boxee to just remove the ability to watch encrypted streams (if they haven’t already).

    Still, you are right – it’s quite disappointing.

  8. AndrewM says:

    Interestingly, Adobe has still released the RTMP documentation:

  9. Hotelier says:

    It is so typical for adobe anyways…

  10. Jenelle Yong says:

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