A rebuild for SPEED

After recently getting my insanely fast ADSL connected last week, I wanted to rebuild Gentoo on my desktop machine. I found the document Installing Gentoo 2005.0: Stage 1 NPTL on a Stage 3 Tarball on the Gentoo forums and thought it sounded quite interesting. The document outlines step-by-step how To Build a Fast and Bulletproof Gentoo System — Stage 1 NPTL Installation on a Stage 3 Tarball Using GCC 3.4.3.

The tricky part is that GCC 3.4.3 is still marked as unstable in portage, and the live-cd still contains GCC 3.3.4. This means that you have to do a stage 3 install, then do a stage 1 again over the top (something about keeping better track of installed apps in portage) and recompiling your GCC, glibc, libstdc++v3, etc a couple of times so that you end up with GCC 3.4.3 compiled by GCC 3.4.3 (and not by GCC 3.3.4 – which is available on the 2005.0 live-cd). Also, the guide provides some pretty crazy GCC optimisation flags, which seem quite stable.

After the very long process of recompiling the GCC suite a couple of times, and using the GCC flags:

CFLAGS=”-O3 -march=athlon-xp -fforce-addr -momit-leaf-frame-pointer -fomit-frame-pointer -ftracer -pipe”

I can notice a huge increase in speed over the old system, and it even seems more stable. Although, GCC flags like these reminds me a lot of The Gentoo is Rice page. 🙂

Also, I wanted to just rave about VMWare 5. I emerged the latest unstable from portage (vmware-workstation- and it rocks! I love the new GTK2 interface, and it does some really nice stuff. One of my favourite things is the dynamic resolution of desktop size. You can resize the VMWare window, and it will automatically adjust the screen res of the OS running inside it. I don’t know if this works in Linux, but Win2k does it.
VMWare 5
Check out the screen res

I still do feel kinda dirty by having this, but I can’t seem to get around it at big T.

Posted in Gentoo by Andy Botting at May 19th, 2005.

5 Responses to “A rebuild for SPEED”

  1. tim says:

    As soon as I started with NPTL I noticed quite the speed difference, it doth rock.

  2. shane says:

    hey man, im not sure i understand how recompiling your entire toolchain with nptl is gonna help? dont you only need to recompile glibc ?


  3. Andy says:

    Maybe, but they recommended recompiling your whole toolchain with itself. E.g. compile GCC 3.4.3 with GCC 3.3.5, then using your own compiled GCC 3.4.3, compile GCC 3.4.3 again with itself so that you end up with having a GCC 3.4.3 compiled from GCC 3.4.3.

    Not sure what difference it would make, but it seems to be working pretty well.

  4. tom says:

    andy you suck

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